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  1. Acuzone Smokeless Moxa-Rolls (5 Sticks/box)

    • Acuzone Smokeless Moxa brand provides premium quality which burns better compare to the Hoist smokeless moxa stick.
    • Size 0.6" x 4.2"
    • Black color

    This 0.6" x 4.2"(1.5cm x 10.7cm) densely - packed stick generates intense heat. Rigid roll contains moxa and herbs. Very slow burning with a burn rate of approximately 2"(5cm) per hour. Use candle or lighter to ignite the roll. 5 pcs / Box

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  2. Asiamed Apex Auricular Needle

    Starting at: $43.00

    The Asiamed Apex is a precisely engineered, sterile, disposable, semi-permanent auricular acupuncture needle for maximum patient comfort. These miniature ear stud-like needles are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel. The Apex needle is designed for a stronger stimulation effect than the traditional Press Tack needle. The needle is simple to handle and insert using the applicator. The magnetic insert on the applicator allows manipulation of the needle after it is inserted and provides additional stimulation. The needle can be secured in place with an adhesive plaster (supplied).

    • 100 per box
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  3. Asiamed Placebo Set

    The optimal placebo-needle:

    • looks like a real acupuncture needle
    • appears as though the skin is being penetrated, even though it is not
    • can be applied at an acupuncture point
    • is convincing to the patient

    The Streitberger Placebo-needle is indistinguishable from a real acupuncture needle and validated, it is the best placebo control for a single-blind randomized clinical trial (RCT) of acupuncture.

    A set of Streitberger Placebo-needles consists of:

    • 100 Streitberger placebo-/sham-needles (0.30 x 30 mm / (Gauge 8 x 1.2")
    • 100 verum acupuncture needles asia-med Special No. 16 (0.30 x 30 mm / (Gauge 8 x 1.2")
    • 200 plaster
    • 200 rings
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  4.  Tai-Yi Medicated Moxa Rolls

    Tai-Yi medicated Moxa Rolls Learn More
  5. Moxa Torch

    Moxa Torch Learn More
  6. Pre-Cut Needle Moxa - 200pcs

    Ready-cut for warm needling; simply place on the end of the acupuncture needle. Each piece burns for approximately five minutes. 200 per box.

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  7. Moxa Holder and Extinguisher

    Moxa Holder and Extinquisher Learn More
  8. Half Split Moxa Spoon

    Half Split Moxa Spoon Learn More
  9. Tiger Warmer - Large

    Tiger Warmer - Large Learn More
  10. Pure Moxa Rolls

    Pure Moxa Rolls 

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21-30 of 113

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