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  1. Auricular Magnetic Pellets 800 Gauss

    Regular Price: $5.50

    Special Price $5.25

    Auricular Magnetic Pellets
    Approved by Dr. Smith for NADA Protocol


  2. Gold Plated Magnetic Pellets 800 Gauss
  3. Approx. 1.7mm in diameter
  4. 8mm x 8mm tape size
  5. 25/flat, 4 flats/pack
  6. South Pole orientation
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  8. Vaccaria Ear Seeds Economy 600 pk

    Economy bulk package. All natural 2 mm dia seeds for ear or body points. Supplied on plastic sheet with 0.3" dia tan tape (contains latex). Pkg of 600 (10 sheets of 60 pellets).

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  9. Ferrite Magnets, 800 Gauss, Gold Plated

    The south-pole side adheres to a 0.8" diameter circular adhesive patch with north pole facing out. Approx. 800 gauss. Approx. 0.1" x 0.20" diameter 20 per pack

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  10. Accu- Band Non Plated 800 G Ferrite magnets

    800 gauss ferrite magnets. Accu-band are the most popular acu-magnets. Non-plated 0.09" x 0.2" diameter magnets with 0.8" diameter adhesive plasters. The bionorth (-) side contacts the body. This bionorth (-) side also features a tiny protrusion at the center of the magnet which provides additional stimulation to the point.

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  11. Large Dermal Roller

    Large dermal roller. 2.5cm diameter by 10cm long roller with 550 surface spikes. Ideal for large surface area applications. Made of aluminium. Used especially in Korean Hand Acupuncture.

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  12. Derma Roller with Acu Probe

    The roller head is 0.5" (1.3cm) by 1.0"(2.5cm)  with 126 spikes.  Roller end is an Acu probe for Acupressure applications. 


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  13. Probe and Stimulator (spring handle).

    11cm probe. Tip is rounded for maximum patient comfort. Can be used also to locate ear points and also to apply ear seeds/magnets/tacks.
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  14. Straight Tip Probe

    Straight tip probe Learn More
  15. Angle Tip Probe

    Angle Tip Probe Learn More
  16. Dual Head Probe

  17. Dual Head Probe for locating and treating points, either ear points or body points, and applying ear seeds.
  18. Made of stainless steel. 6” (15cm) long octagonal shaped handle with a 0.1” (.3cm) diameter ball-shaped tip. 
  19. Basically a combination of the straight tip and angled tip prode. Angled tip at one end and a straight tip at the other.

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