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Auricular equipment and needles

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  1. Straight Tip Probe

    Straight tip probe Learn More
  2. Angle Tip Probe

    Angle Tip Probe Learn More
  3. Magnetic Needle Pick up

    Magnetic Needle Pickup Tool for retrieving dropped needles.

    Learn More
  4. Asiamed Apex Auricular Needle

    Starting at: $43.00

    The Asiamed Apex is a precisely engineered, sterile, disposable, semi-permanent auricular acupuncture needle for maximum patient comfort. These miniature ear stud-like needles are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel. The Apex needle is designed for a stronger stimulation effect than the traditional Press Tack needle. The needle is simple to handle and insert using the applicator. The magnetic insert on the applicator allows manipulation of the needle after it is inserted and provides additional stimulation. The needle can be secured in place with an adhesive plaster (supplied).

    • 100 per box
    Learn More
  5. Dual Head Probe

  6. Dual Head Probe for locating and treating points, either ear points or body points, and applying ear seeds.
  7. Made of stainless steel. 6” (15cm) long octagonal shaped handle with a 0.1” (.3cm) diameter ball-shaped tip. 
  8. Basically a combination of the straight tip and angled tip prode. Angled tip at one end and a straight tip at the other.

    Learn More
  • Sakamura Magrain Ion Pellets- Silver

    Sakamura Magrain Ion Pellets Learn More
  • Jing Traditional Medicine 5 Point Detox Ear Chart

    This black and white chart is A4 size (8.5" x 11" ),  laminated and has been produced at the specific request of drugs and detox workers for use when treating and training with auricular acupuncture.

    They show the 5 points Shenmen, Kidney, Liver, Upper & Lower Lung plus the Sympathetic point and provide a brief explanation of each point.

    Learn More
  • Auricular Points Chart

    A 24" x 28" chart folded in a12" x 15" jacket. Points are designated in numbers and English. Included on the chart is a reference table detailing the points.

    Learn More
  • Acurea Ear Model

    Ideal for Acudetox training, this large ACUREA ear model is made of high quality silicone. Comes with a stand but can be easily removed if needed. 

    Size: 3 3/4 inches (10cm).

    Learn More
  • Auricular Magnetic Pellets 800 Gauss

    Regular Price: $5.50

    Special Price $5.25

    Auricular Magnetic Pellets
    Approved by Dr. Smith for NADA Protocol


  • Gold Plated Magnetic Pellets 800 Gauss
  • Approx. 1.7mm in diameter
  • 8mm x 8mm tape size
  • 25/flat, 4 flats/pack
  • South Pole orientation
  • Learn More
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