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Moxa and heat shields

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  1. Gold Moxa Punk

    Super Pure Moxa. Great quality with yellow direct or semi-direct grade. Offers similar treatment qualities as Ultra Pure with reduced cost.

    100 gramm/pack

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  2. Tae Yang Stick-on mini moxa smokey

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.99

    Highest quality Korean moxa 180 pieces. No impurities, no acrid smell. Extremely easy to light. As stack burns, smoke extrudes out of small hole at base of stack and lies at a low level on the skin, covering and penetrating the point being treated. Heat shields also supplied.

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  3. Nian-Ying Moxa Rolls

    10 Pack of Nian-Ying Moxa Rolls

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  4. Pure Moxa Rolls

    Pure Moxa Rolls 

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  5. Tiger Warmer - Large

    Tiger Warmer - Large Learn More
  6. Half Split Moxa Spoon

    Half Split Moxa Spoon Learn More
  7. Moxa Holder and Extinguisher

    Moxa Holder and Extinquisher Learn More
  8. Pre-Cut Needle Moxa - 200pcs

    Ready-cut for warm needling; simply place on the end of the acupuncture needle. Each piece burns for approximately five minutes. 200 per box.

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  9. Moxa Torch

    Moxa Torch Learn More
  10.  Tai-Yi Medicated Moxa Rolls

    Tai-Yi medicated Moxa Rolls Learn More

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